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Unlike a TV, or fridge, purchasing a supplement is a fundamentally intimate decision because supplements go in your body – they effect your health, your wellness, and your goals. So nutritional supplement retailers shouldn’t emulate big-box retailers: cookie-cutter solutions, disengaged staff, and a one-size fits all mentality.

And yet, that’s precisely what Doug and Stephanie Miller saw when they surveyed the retail landscape in 2010. True to their personalities, they resolved to change it. The problem was lack of personalization; the solution was the Nutrition Corners. The Nutrition Corners would be a place where customers would receive professional advice on the core of supplementation, which is nutrition and exercise.  Along with the free advice, the customers would receive everyday wholesale pricing on over 150 different brands.

Luckily, they had the “Godfather” on their side. James Carron, a legend in the New England fitness and supplement industry, founded the original Cape Cod Nutrition Corner (CCNC) ( in 1997. James built this business from a small "Mom and Pop" nutritional supplement shop to one of the largest and most successful stores in the country – but never waivered from the fundamental principles on which the Nutrition Corner was founded.

In expanding the Nutrition Corners brand, Doug and Stephanie Miller have also steadfastly adhered to these principles. The Nutrition Corners’ mission statement, or as we like to call it, our “Hedgehog Concept” is:

To spread the knowledge of proper nutrition, training, and supplementation by building relationships and fostering community with unrivaled PASSION!

Since 2010, The Nutrition Corners have grown tremendously throughout the Virginia, Maryland, and DC region. Here is a list of our current stores:

  • Arlington Nutrition Corner (ANC) est Nov 2010
  • Newport News Nutrition Corner (N3C) est Dec 2013
  • Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner (VBNC) est Jan 2015
  • Dulles Nutrition Corner (DNC) est Jan 2016
  • Manassas Nutrition Corner (MNC) est Sept 2016
  • Short Pump Nutrition Corner (SPNC) est Oct 2016
  • Fairfax Nutrition Corner (FNC) est March 2017
  • Oceana Nutrition Corner (ONC) est May 2017
  • Princess Anne Nutrition Corner (PANC) est May 2019
  • Greenbrier Nutrition Corner (GBNC) est March 2021
  • Norfolk Nutrition Corner (N2C) est July 2021
  • Mooresville Nutrition Corner (MVNC) est Nov 2021

With the goal of 20+ stores throughout the region, The Nutrition Corners plan to help hundreds of thousands of individuals reach their goals. With the best brands, best prices, and best service.

Best brands. We don’t focus on selling a house brand, but instead push the brands that are right for the consumer. We carry over 150 brands.

Best service. We focus on being a resource for our customers not just a retailer. We educate them on nutrition and training before ever selling them a pill or powder. All of our managers are extremely passionate about health and fitness and also extremely knowledgeable. We also have an extensive loyalty program.

Best prices. We price at everyday wholesale prices, price match any retailer, and offer military and student discounts.